October 2014

Rudolph Valentino Calendar for 2015 now available

September 2012

The iPad edition of Rudolph Valentino The Silent Idol is available here!
2013 Valentino Calendar now on sale

June 2011

New books listed and new book covers.
Link to Valentino Speaks

May 2011

Valentino Calendar is sold out
Rudolph Valentino The Silent Idol Book Event Announcement

December 2010

Rudolph Valentino Calendar for 2011 now available

August 2010

Leonard Maltin has reviewed the book! OMG!
Some family photos have been added
More press nods and reviews for Rudolph Valentino The Silent Idol Two book signings are scheduled in Los Angeles in August and September.

June 2010

Rudolph Valentino The Silent Idol is now available and reviews are being posted
Photos have been added for The Eagle and Blood and Sand as well as some candid photos.
The 2011 Calendar will soon be going to press

February 2010

Update on The Silent Idol

January 2010

RV Collectibles Blog
2010 calendar is sold out
New poster/lobby cards have been added

December 2009

Xmas Greetings

October 2009

Update on The Silent Idol
List of Mineralava Tour Dates/Stops

September 2009

Update on The Silent Idol
2010 Calendar available now

Yes, it has been quite a while since the site has been updated.  Sorry about that, real life has gotten in the way. 

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