About Rudyfan

Rudyfan at Falcon Lair in 2003One of the questions I get asked the most is a two part question, "Who are you and how did you get interested in Rudolph Valentino."  Gosh that is such a long question and would generate a really long answer and why bore you with facts?   

So who is rudyfan?  Well, plain and simple, I'm a nice, average person who happens to be a huge film fan.  I was practically spoon-fed films at a very early age.  Growing up, classic films were shown on television and viewing them with family was a special event.  Our family would enjoy them together and my parents would also take us to films and not just Disney films.  I was 12 and my parents asked me if I wanted to see The Godfather with them as an example.  I declined, which was probably a good thing at the time.  For the record, Godfather I and II are two of my favorite films. 

I was blessed to have a library card, and our local library (Sunnyvale Public Library) had a terrific film and biography section.  Which in the days of larger budgets, was a very good collection of books.  It was at this time I discovered the book that changed my film life, Kevin Brownlow's The Parade's Gone By.  This book made me want to see silent films, and in the days before VHS, this was very hard to do, especially when you were about 10 years old, like me.  I read every book I could on Hollywood and the stars, it was a good start to an education, I've never stopped learning and I never want to.

After all of this, why Valentino?  Well, the first bio I read on Valentino book Valentino, by Irving Shulman; I was fascinated by the man described in the book and shown in the photos.  I had not yet seen a Valentino film, it would be a little while before I was afforded that opportunity.  When I did, well, consider me to have been virtually struck by lightening.  What a presence, what magnetism and what a smile!  The film was Blood and Sand, telecast on our local PBS station, and so a lifelong fascination, truly began.....

Rudyfan Factoids
I live in Northern California and am ruled by a wonderful cat named Tango. 

I love to cook, enjoy walks around the city, going to movies at classic movie palaces and rooting through used book stores for hidden treasures. 

Oh, and I guess you could also say that I love shopping on ebay for Valentino-related items.

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