The Silent Idol Book

February 2010

The book is finally coming down to the wire.  I'm in the midst of not only a creative spurt, a real sense of purpose to get this book well and truly put to bed.  By the end of this week (February 5th) a PDF will be ready and sent to various trusted friends for proofing to catch any typos as well as fact checking. 

The book will have a Foreword by Emily Leider, author of Dark Lover: The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino and will boast over 300 photographs of Rudolph Valentino.  Many of the photos have not been published previously, or have not been published since the 1920s. 

Because the self-publisher I am using ( has increased the price for hardback books (again),  I've decided in these economically challenging times to offer the book in a soft cover/paperback format.  The only significant loss or change will be no end flaps for the dust jacket.  Not a big deal and the quality of the book will be exactly the same only slightly different due to the format change from hardback to paperback.  This also enables me to increase the number of pages to 240 and not increase the price.  In fact, due to the format change, I can get the book out for a few bucks less than originally anticipated.  As it stands right now, the book will retail from for $52.95.

You may well ask why will this book be so expensive, even in a soft cover format.  The answer to this lies with the choice of publisher and in the quality of the publication.  Please believe I researched many options for self-publishing a quality photo book before making the final selection of  Many of the "vanity press" publishers that are, in reality, offshoots of the major publishing houses cost multiple thousands of dollars to get your book in print.  The services they provide offer very limited perks with regard to design, page count and number of images allowed.  They were also inflexible on price, nearly three times the above quoted price from  In the end, has proven to be the best choice for me and what my goal was for this "coffee table book" on Rudolph Valentino. is most flexible with regard to book design and images and, affordability. 

The pricing structure at is indicative of the cost of production since it is a print-on-demand format.  The base cost for the book at is $50.95 for a soft cover between 201 and 240 pages in length.  The $2 on top of that will be my commission as the author.  If you have any question about the pricing blurb offers, please pay a visit here. does not (as yet) have any kind of distribution set up with, so that will limit the online availability to their store, or through me directly on this website.  My book, of course will have an ISBN and this means if you are not comfortable ordering online, your local bookstore should be able to order it for you.  All of this information will posted as soon as is possible. 

Once again, to everyone who has helped with this book, those who have written many emails inquiring about the book and encouraging me to complete it, I cannot thank you enough.  This has been a labor of love, truly.  It's a way to share some wonderful photos and shed a little light on a figure that still has a mystical appeal, even in today's cynical world.  It's heartwarming to meet so many fans of Valentino, even virtually through this website.  I think he'd be flattered so many still have an interest and I think he'd be amazed.

December 2009

I had great hope of finishing in time for Christmas, but, it's not finished and still being edited.  In fact, I'm still refining the written portions.  Since I don't get to take this back once it's done, I'm holding off for a little while longer.  The new deadline is in time for Valentine's Day.  If I can get it done earlier, so be it.  Thanks again for all the supportive emails, the queries and the interest.  I sincerely and humbly appreciate all the kind words and emails. 

October 2009

Excitement!  I ordered a sample 40 page copy of the book to do a final check on format, layout, style, fonts, image reproduction and, most importantly, q-u-a-l-i-t-y.  To be 100% honest, I am thrilled, thrilled with the results.  Seeing the sample has helped me decide, the book will be available in hardback format, 10x8 in size and approximately 200 pages.  Because blurb bases pricing on page count, the book will be (roughly) $55, give or take a few dollars.  More expensive than I had planned, but, believe me, it will be worth it.

I have a long way to go before it's final, but, I can state here, the book is going to be something I am very proud to have my name on.  I've not worked on this book alone, not without help.  To the many friends and fellow collectors, I owe such a deep debt of gratitude, I cannot fully express it here.  It is truly humbling how generous and supportive my friends have been.  This also includes so many virtual friends, online. 

Here are a few photos of how the book will look. 


I am so very excited, to hold even the sample in hand, almost makes it real.  Forgive me, I feel very proud right now.


September 2009

The road is long, and hard, too.  Being an author and editor is no easy task, believe me.


The projected publication has been delayed and will be in November 2009. 

In the meantime, here is a video teaser, as promised so long ago:



Where to Order?
As soon as the book is published, you will see the notice here.

It will be available by direct purchase from this website and will also be available online and at your local book store (as a special order).